Accessories and Ornaments Street

Accessories and Ornaments Street

Is one of the Special Commercial Streets in Yiwu Market. It contains two main streets, including Xingzhong Street and Futian Street. Those streets are full of merchants that are mainly engaged in accessories and ornaments, in which you can find more full-range items. They attract many suppliers and bussinessmen all around the world.

Accessories and Ornaments Street gets developed under the background of “Yiwu markets playing the leading role with surrounding special streets flourishing together”. As there are growing numbers of people crowding into Yiwu markets for purchasing, the market alone no longer meets the increasing demands, which leads to the rise of business stores. Though the buildings and booths are not new and so much appealing, the goods inside are of high quality and cheap price. That is the reason for the existence of the Accessories and Ornaments Street.

Xingzhong Accessories and Ornaments Street
Address: Xingzhong Village

Futian Accessories and Ornaments Street

Address: International Trade City District 1

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