Guangzhou Glasses Market

There are a few markets with glasses, sunglasses, lenses and optical instruments in Guangzhou. They are all located at or near Renmin Zhong Lu.

Near the Renmin Zhong Lu it is possible to find a few wholesale markets with glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses & optical instruments.

While walking down Renmin Zhong Lu from north to south it is possible to see at least 3 markets on the left side of the street. These are well established, popular markets where you can buy wholesale as well as retail in many shops. Each market has 2-4 floors and both glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Some have optical instruments as well. After walking down Renmin Zhong Lu,  arrive at crossing with Dade Lu. If turn left there, it is possible to see a new market just 50 meters on left side.

In this area it will find both no-brand & Chinese brand, or even copy brand items.

Address: N. 260, Renmin Zhong Lu

Metro: Ximenkou Station, Line 1. Exit B, turn left and walk 150 m towards Renmin Zhong Lu. Turn left and walk a few hundred meters, then can see 3 different markets.

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