Guangzhou to Yiwu

Guangzhou to Yiwu by plane:

There are planes from Guangzhou to Yiwu everyday directly:

Here is the flight information from Guangzhou Airport to Yiwu:

Guangzhou 1234567 CZ3795 B737 1340 1535
Guangzhou 123467 CZ3886 B737 2135 2330
Guangzhou 1234567 CZ3883 B737 1805 1955
Guangzhou 1234567 CZ3727 B737 0750 0940

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Guangzhou to Yiwu by train:

Listed below you can find some of the trains from Guangzhou to Yiwu.
Trains K or T, you can choose hard seats (179 CNY/26 USD*), hard berth (327 CNY/48 USD *) and soft berth (499 CNY/73 USD*). Fast trains G (more comfortable), 1st class seat (1,110 CNY/163 USD*), 2nd class seat (675 CNY/100 USD*), business class (2,130 CNY/313 USD*). *Estimated ticket prices.

From Arrive Destination
K210/K211 Guangzhou Yiwu Ningbo
K512 Guangzhou Yiwu Shanghai South
K528 Guangzhou Yiwu Nanjing
T170 Guangzhou Yiwu Shanghai South
G1302/G1304/G1306 Guangzhou South Yiwu Shanghai Hongqiao
G1404 Guangzhou South Yiwu Hangzhou East

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Guangzhou to Yiwu by bus:

There are provincial buses leaving from different bus stations of Guangzhou to Yiwu each day. They usually leave at the afternoon and arrive in the early morning. It can take up to 12 or 13 hours. Different station has different ticket price.
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