HongKong to Yiwu

HongKong to Yiwu directly by plane
Since2016, flights from Hong Kong to Yiwu are available. But the days that from HongKong to Yiwu are different in different months according to the information  Yiwu Airport offers. From November to January, the plane usually takes off in Tuesday&Sunday,  while from Jan. to Nov., it usually takes off in Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Flight Schedule from HongKong to Yiwu(Just for reference)

HongKong 26 CZ6046 B738 2010 2210
HongKong 146 CZ6046 B738 1935 2135

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Fly from Hong Kong to Hangzhou/Shanghai /Beijing/Guangzhou/Shenzhen, then take a private car/ train/ bus/ to Yiwu

This is the fastest way. Usually there are several flights from Hong Kong to Hangzhou /Shanghai/Beijing each day and transportation from those cities to Yiwu is all very convenient.

For more about how to go to Yiwu, please click Shanghai to Yiwu, Hangzhou to Yiwu, Beijing to Yiwu, Guangzhou to Yiwu and Shenzhen to Yiwu.

Train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and then take a plane/ train/ bus to Yiwu.

Firstly, you should take A21 airport bus to Hung Hom Railway station, where you can take the train to Guangzhou East Train Station. This kind of way is much faster and cheaper.

Train schedule from Hung Hom Station to Guangzhou East Station

Hung Hom (DEP) Guangzhou East(ARR)
Z812 7:25 9:24
Z824 8:15 10:12
Z820 9:24 11:53
Z808 11:32 13:26
Z814 12:23 14:17
Z826 13:11 15:08
Z818 14:32 16:31
Z810 16:35 18:34
Z828 18:00 19:57
Z816 18:44 20:43
Z802 20:01 22:00

For more about how to go to Yiwu from Guangzhou, please follow Guangzhou to Yiwu.
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