How to Choose an Agent

As a result of the huge market in Yiwu, thousands of export agent companies distribute in every corner of Yiwu. It’s really difficult to distinguish a reliable agent from all those agents.
So I’d like to give some tips to help you choose a good agent in Yiwu.
1. Check the website and find useful information.
Since nearly every agent company in Yiwu has their own website, the first step to know them is to check their website. It is the only way for you to get information before contacting anyone.
When you are searching the website, you should pay much attention to:
① Agents who say on their sites that they’re the “Top 1”, or “No.1”, “Best” Yiwu agent or agents claim that they officially run the Yiwu market.
②Agents who say they only charge a 1% commission,or say charge “low to 1% commission”.
③Agents who take less care of their websites. The information on the website should be useful and fresh as much as possible.
2. Contact few of them. Confirm whether those agent companies are professional.
By checking the website, you may have picked out several agents that you feel satisfied. Then you need to confirm its profession. You can judge when you communicate with them. Usually, if they can’t honestly tell you about what they can do or they are  unable to answer the questions via emails or phones clearly, those agents are not reliable. Besides, the staff is also an important factor for your choice because it’s the staff that help you purchase in Yiwu.
3.Visit the agent companies personally
Only when you come to see the real office of the agent company you want to choose  will you build cooperation with them. From meeting them, you will have a clear picture of what they were saying on their website and what they told you previously in emails.
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