How to go to Yiwu

There are lots of means of transportation you can take to come to Yiwu. Here we will introduce you the best way to go to Yiwu from the main cities in China.
1.The first choice is by airplane.
You can choose the international flights directly flying to Yiwu. But if there is no direct flights, you can fly to another city in China such as Shanghai, Hangzhou or Guangzhou, then transfer to Yiwu.
2.The second choice is by train.
There are large number of trains arriving at Yiwu. It is convenient and cheap. The trains in China are divided into several grade such as EMU, express train,way train and so on. You can choose whatever you like. The train offers meals and drink, but it’s not for free.
3.The third is by express bus.
This is the most flexible way of travel, because it’s route is numerous. It is the best way if you are in some small city in Chain where the flight and train aren’t pass. In addition, the ticket is cheap.
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