Shanghai to Yiwu

Shanghai to Yiwu by private car

The easiest way for you to get to Yiwu would be getting someone to pick you up from Shanghai Pudong Airport and then take a 4 hour’s drive to Yiwu directly. The rate is 850RMB per car.

Shanghai to Yiwu by train

The cheapest way for you to go to the railway station is taking a subway from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station (8RMB, 2 hours) first, then you can take the fast D/G-train to Yiwu. If there are no tickets left in Hongqiao Station, you should come to Shanghai South train station. If your business travel is not very urgent, we suggest you choose this cheap way.

We can pick up you at Yiwu Railway Station for free.

Train schedule from Shanghai Hongqiao Station and Shanghai South Station to Yiwu

From Arrive Destination
G1301/G1303 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Guangzhou South
G1321/G1327/G1329 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Guiyang North
G1347/G1349/G1355/G1361/G1363 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Changsha South
G1371/G1373 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Huaihua South
G1383/G1387/G1393/G1395 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Nanchang West
G1509/G1508 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Huangshan North
G1635/G1637 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Fuzhou
G1651/G1657/G1659 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Xiamen North
G7367 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Jiangshan
G7381/G7383 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Quzhou
K11/K14 Shanghai South Yiwu Wuchang
K111 Shanghai South Yiwu Guiyang
K123/K122 Shanghai South Yiwu Shiyan
K149 Shanghai South Yiwu Zhanjiang
K253/K252 Shanghai South Yiwu Yichang East
K271 Shanghai South Yiwu Jinggangshan
K351/K354 Shanghai South Yiwu Chengdu
K4578/K4575 Shanghai South Yiwu Shaoyang
K511 Shanghai South Yiwu Haikou
K5801/K5804 Shanghai South Yiwu Wenzhou
K739/K79 Shanghai South Yiwu Kunming
K759 Shanghai South Yiwu Hengyang
T101 Shanghai South Yiwu Shenzhen

If you come to yiwu(GuangZhou) market, our company will offer you pick up service, hotel reservations, translation service and purchase agent. If you need more help, please Leaving a message and contact us.

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