Shantou toys market

Shantou, Chenghai, with a profound cultural tradition, is one of the most dynamic economic areas in East Guangdong. Its characteristic industries and local brands take the leading position in China and enjoy high reputation in the world market. Chenghai is successively titled as China Toys & Gifts city.

If you are looking for china wholesale products and specialized in toys business and always purchasing large quantity, Chenghai will be the best choice. You can find toys companies or factories, or things related to toys  are everywhere in this city.

Not like the wholesale market in Yiwu where suppliers are gathering, toy factories located in Chenghai usually send their samples to toy trading companies. Trading companies upload all products to their Alibaba pages or own websites, and place orders to these factories when foreigners ordered. Of course there also are several large toys trading companies who has their own showroom which can be thousands square meters. Customers can visit their showroom, choose products and place orders.

Besides, there are also many showroom companies in Chenghai, and factories can show their samples by renting display racks (one rack costs $500-$1000 per year). If you are interested in some products showing there, the companies will offer you all factory’s contact information. But most toy factories don’t have good English-speaking sales, so you’d better have a Chinese translator to assist you, if you are planning to visit showrooms and contact factories directly. Or toys trading companies will be better choice.

Another interesting thing about showroom company is that, during the visit, you can put most toy samples you like into shopping cart and take them away for free. These companies also offer free lunch, such as McDonald’s or KFC, free drinking, even free cigarette. They offer such good service because toy factories pay them a lot rental annually.

Trading companies and showroom companies located every corner of Chenghai, and you can get their information from the hotel you are staying easily.

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