Shops in Yiwu Futian Market: Are they Manufacturers

Normally people think shops in the market are representatives of factories. Thus products in Yiwu have competitive prices. But unfortunately it is not true. At most 15% of all shops in the Futian market are representing their own factory.

Some big factories such as Langsha Group,have their own show room in the market. While the rest factories, which are mostly small and mid-sized, have their shop in the market but representing products from other factories as well. It looks a bit complicated for buyers form all around the world. But for shops, they could have broader range of products.

How to tell who is the manufacturer?

By asking shop assistants in Yiwu market, all the them respond “yes, we’re the very factory” The only difference is that some of them answer confidently while others ambiguously.

To know whoever is the manufacturer require you to have a lot of experience dealing with factories. Hereby I’d like to share with you some points based on our experience to choose the real factory.

1)Name card address
If you find factory address on the name card, it means at least they have a factory. As for if they are the manufacturer of some certain product you can have some idea in points below. The detailed address should include even the street number.

2)Product range
If you find a shop which has collection of all types of samples from one product range, it means they could be a factory. While if you can find various categories of products in a small shop, it means they are certainly just a reseller.

3)Product catalogue
Manufacturers are likely have catalogues, which include nearly all the products. Also Big manufacturers regularly update their catalogue. Also if you find different kinds of catalogues in different designing style a one shop, it means their products are from different factories.

4) Customization possibility
Factories representatives know their products very well even with single specification. And they can customize products as requirements. If it’s someone doesn’t know their ‘own’ products very well and can not do customization, most likely, they’re not a manufacturer.

Is it really important find real factories/manufacturers in Yiwu market?

Well, this depends.

If you’d like to place a big order, such as a full container of one single product. It is worth dealing with strong factory directly. If your quantity is not fairly big, buying what you need in reasonable prices is more sensible for you. Because factories don’t have interest in small orders.

For products which have precise technical description, a professional manufacturer is really necessary. Because you need to discuss with the engineer/boss several times in order to ascertain single details and payment details.
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