Tools and Hardware Market

Location: 2nd Floor, District 2 of International Trade City.

Opening hours: 09:00-17:00(GMT+08:00),7×365, except a 7-day-closedown during Spring Festival.

Ok, friends. Today I’m going to show you around Yiwu Tools and Hardware Market. Ready? Here we go:

Tools and hardware is another big market in Yiwu. You just need to go to G2 and F2 section of Yiwu International Trade City to see about 3,000 shops there for tools and hardware, including around 400 shops of locks and lock accessories.

You can expect more than enough pliers, screw drivers, screw driver bits and screw driver handles… on this entire floor.

About 70% of them are factory direct sale offices, around 26% are general agents, and around 3.5% are exclusive distributors. Over 80% of them are from local cities like Yongkang, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Pujiang. The rest 20% are from Guangdong and Jiangsu province.

Buyers can get a cheaper price from here than even directly from factories!

Why? Because Yiwu market is just like a big crowd, each supplier wants their voice heard. So they compete.

Tools and Hardware Market 2
Tools and Hardware Market 2

Many local places, like Yongkang and Wenzhou, want to use Yiwu market as a window to show buyers that they always have better prices for the same products. So they keep quoting lower prices than suppliers from other regions to build a public image.

Tools and Hardware Market 1
Tools and Hardware Market 1

Even you go to their factories, you may still not have such a cheap price.

Yiwu tools and hardware market earned a name for cheap and crappy products in the past, but now things are changing a little bit.

Big brands like Korean 777 nail clippers, Bosch power tools all have their agents or exclusive distributers in Yiwu market. You can also find over half of China Top Brands here.

So it’s a kind of: Want brand items? Yiwu has plenty; Want crappy items? Yiwu has more! 😉

Small mixed orders are very easy here. Variety and price attract flocks of buyers coming to this market for tools and hardware. Especially when this worldwide crisis is going on and on.

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