Yiwu Art and Craft Market

Location(s): 3rd floor, district 1, Yiwu international trade city.

Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, 7×365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.

The main Yiwu Art and Craft Market is also inside Yiwu International Trade City. It’s on 3rd floor of District One, sharing the same floor with jewelry accessories.

Yiwu Art and Craft Market 2
Yiwu Art and Craft Market 2

3,000+ shops of Christmas decorations, wedding supplies, ceramic arts, crystal crafts, photo frames are separately put in different sections.

Some online articles may tell you there is one more exclusive arts and crafts market near International Trade City. Run, don’t walk , from that site quickly. That’s a piece of 2005 news.

Yiwu Art and Craft Market 1
Yiwu Art and Craft Market 1

Now very few shops are still there, and you’d better forget them. Because the surroundings are not comfortable at all.

There is an exclusive market for photo frames and paintings at Zhaozhai, one block away from International Trade city. This market may worth a look, as a few hundred shops there from other parts of China can deliver good quality stuff.

Yiwu arts&crafts market has more than 20 year’s history. Now there are over 200,000 people working in it. You can expect the most varieties of photo frames, vases, crystal crafts, and Christmas decors.

Don’t forget the fact that Yiwu produces over 50% of all Christmas decors in the world..

A typical booth is about 4X4X3 meters. As the lack of quantity, usually you can see two laobans (uni-title for all the shop assistants and shop owners, read as “lorban”) sharing one standard booth.

Yiwu Art and Craft Market 3
Yiwu Art and Craft Market 3

That’s why when you check the booth numbers, there’re just 2500, but when you go there, you can see more than 3,000 shops.

Many stalls expect you buy a sample first if you’re interested in their products, and then deduct that money from your future orders. Free samples are available less and less nowadays.

Most of the shop assistants have no difficulties quoting prices with calculators, or dealing with simple English questions like “how much?” A translator is needed if you want more details.

The service quality is OK, you could come across one or two Laobans greet you warmly and invite you inside to have a cup of water, but this is rare.

You may also need to overlook those who are more interested in their movies or computer games than their customers.

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