Yiwu China Map

Ah, finally an English version Yiwu China map!This Yiwu map can show you clearly where Yiwu is on our earth.

You can use this map to figure out where Shanghai is, where Guangzhou is, where HK is, and where Yiwu is by simply zooming.

All the streets and roads names are in English now, so there are no difficulties for you to read this map.

Yiwu city is actually quite small, 4$ (25 Yuan)would be enough to go anywhere inside the city by taxi. Maybe you do not even need to read this map:-).

If you need more info about Yiwu map or Yiwu, please feel free to contact us.

How to go to Yiwu
HongKong to Yiwu
Guangzhou to Yiwu
Hangzhou to Yiwu
Shanghai to Yiwu

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