Yiwu – Christmas Products Wholesale Market

If you want to purchase christmas products, Yiwu is the city which will never let you down. Christmas tree, Wreath,Christmas Socks, Christmas Tree Shirt, Santa Claus and Snowman, Christmas Tinsel…As many as you can imagine even beyond your imagination.

MOQ, Price, Lead Time:

MOQ, for these Xmas products most of these items are in stock, so the 2 cartons per item will be ok .(For the Xmas tree must be at least 5 pcs , as 1 pcs / carton).


Price, here is a wholesale market , so the price here is much cheap and competitive . No need a big quantity, you still can get a attractive price. E.g. the Christmas Tinsel here is around 0.5 USD – 0.8 USD / PCS (Exw price).


Lead Time : As here most of items are in stock, so lead time is short, normally 7 days will be ok. For some items if you want to order a big quantities (e.g. 100 + cartons) then the time normally will be 20 days – 30 days.

Yiwu:Commodity ocean, a shopper’s paradise. Just come to Yiwu and enjoy your trip!

If you come to yiwu , our company will offer you pick up service, hotel reservations, translation service and purchase agent. If you need more help, please Leaving a message and contact us.

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