Yiwu Hotel

For your reference, we recommend 9 hotels in Yiwu (*The price can be changed during Yiwu Fair period):

1) Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel: 4 star business hotel. 418-1,118RMB/night.

2) Yiwu International Mansion Hotel: 4 star hotel. 308-1,598RMB/night.

3) Yiwu Kasion International Hotel: 4 star hotel. 368-588RMB/night.

4) Yiwu Kasion Purey Hotel: 4 star hotel. 248-388RMB/night.

5) Yiwu Ramada Plaza Hotel: 4 star business hotel. 348-3,800RMB/night.

6) Yiwu Sanding New Century Grand Hotel: 4 star hotel. 488-1,488RMB/night.

7) Yiwu Shangcheng Hotel: 4 star hotel. 448-3,888RMB/night.

8) Yiwu Yindu Hotel: 4 star hotel. 418-2,900RMB/night.

9) Yiwu Marriott Hotel: 5 star hotel. 668-5,800RMB/night.

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Some 4 Star Hotels in Yiwu:

Bali Plaza Hotel Yiwu
Located in the well-known China small commodity city-Yiwu, the Bali Plaza Hotel (Yiwu Balidao Guangchang Jiudian) is near People’s Square and puts guests within easy reach of many commercial, dining and entertainment areas.

Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel Yiwu
Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel (Yiwu Zuijia Xifang Haiyang Jiudian) is a four-star business hotel located in F and G section of China Yiwu International Trade City. The location is the best.

Ramada Plaza Yiwu
Located in the heart of the city, Ramada Plaza Yiwu (Yiwu Huameida Guangchang Zhijiang Dajiudian) is only five minutes drive from the bus terminal, and ten minutes from China Commodity City.

Yiwu Ssaw Huafeng Hotel
Located in the vibrant downtown area, the Yiwu Ssaw Hotel (Yiwu Shimao Junting Huafeng Jiudian) is just a five-minute drive from the Binwang Bus Station and a ten-minute drive from Yiwu China Commodity Market.

Note: There are two hotels named “Yiwu Ssaw Hote”. The Yiwu Ssaw Hotel (Yiwu Shimao Junting Chengzhongcheng Jiudian) is located on the bustling West Chouzhou Road and offers guests convenient access to local transportation networks.

Yiwu Yihe Hotel
Yiwu Yihe Hotel (Yihe Dajiudian) is a modern business hotel located in Yiwu’s bustling trade center-Hong Kong City, near the Binwang Bazaar and Huangyuan Bazaar.

Yiwu Hotel
Yiwu Hotel (Yiwu Dajiudian) is located close to Binwang Bus Station and about a 15-minute drive from Yiwu Railway Station and Yiwu Airport.

Yiwu International Mansion
Yiwu International Mansion (Yiwu Guoji Dasha) is a business hotel located on Binwang Road, close to the Binwang Market.

Yimei Plaza Hotel Yiwu
Yimei Plaza Hotel (Yiwu Yimei Guangchang Jiudian) is a top luxury business hotel in downtown Yiwu, near Xiuhu Square.

5 Star Hotels in Yiwu:

Yiwu Kingdom Hotel
Yiwu Kingdom Hotel (Yiwu Jindu Jiudian) is located west of Citizen Square in downtown Yiwu and a 10-minute drive from Yiwu International Trade Center – the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market.

Yourworld International Conference Center Yiwu
Yourworld International Conference Center (Xingfuhu Guoji Huiyi Zhongxin) stands in the world-renowned small commodity trade center Yiwu City, and is a five-star landscape-style luxurious hotel. The price is high.

Tianheng International Hotel Yiwu
Tianheng International Hotel (Tianheng Guoji Dajiudian) is located in Beiyuan Industrial Park with the Hangjinqu Expressway near at hand. The location is not very good.

Hyde Jianguo Hotel Yiwu
Hyde Jianguo Hotel (Haide Jianguo Jiudian) is a comprehensive business hotel close to Haide Park, just a 20-minute drive from the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market Yiwu International Trade Center and a 25-minute drive from Hengdian World Studios – a film-making site. This hotel is located in Dongyang City.
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