Yiwu transportation

As an world famous city for small commodities, the traffic in Yiwu is the perfect outcome of the internationalization. The traffic system of Yiwu is consisted of the highways, railways, airline and downtown traffic.

Yiwu Airport
Yiwu Airport is a dual-use military and civil airport serving Yiwu, Jinhua in Zhejiang Province, China. It is located 5.5 km northwest of the center of Yiwu. The airport has one runway that is 2,500 meters long and 45 meters wide and an 18,000 square-meter terminal building. It is capable of handling 1 million passengers per year. A new terminal building was opened in April 2009.
For the convenience of passengers, the airport has operated “The Airport Bus”, by which passengers can reach major hotels in Yiwu City.
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Yiwu Railway Station
Yiwu Railway Station, locates at Houzhai Street, is mainly consisted of the ticket hall, the waiting hall and the baggage room.
With quality facilities, Yiwu Railway Station plays an important role in the middle part of Zhejiang Province. Trains that depart from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing and some other major cities can reach Yiwu directly everyday.
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Yiwu Coach Station
As there are more and more provincial highways passing through Yiwu, Yiwu operated traffic lines to strengthen the connection with other cities,
There are the following three passenger transportation stations in Yiwu.
International Trade City Passenger Transportation Center:Provincial buses between counties and cities
Address: No.365, Chengxin Avenue
Southern Passenger Transportation Center:
Service hot line: 0579 – 85123069
Address: No.80, Chouzhou West Road
Qintang Passenger Transportation Center:
Address: No.267, Chengzhong North Road
Downtown traffic
The downtown traffic in Yiwu is very convenient. You can take a taxi or take a bus to the place you want to go, either the factory or the commodity market. The flag-down fare is 8 RMB for 2.5 kilometers, 2.5RMB per more kilometers afterwards. For your reference, it will take you about 40 yuan from Yiwu new-built train station to Commodity Market by taxi, but if you share a taxi with others, it will be 10-20 yuan cheaper.
The other way to take a travel in Yiwu is by bus. Yiwu bus can take you everywhere you would like to, such as the commodity market, hotel, trading company or factory you want to visit. The charge for bus ticket is 1.5RMB/ person, so you’d better prepare the small change.

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